Monday, October 4, 2010

All Iphone App Consulting Companies on One Page

This list is a comprehensive collection of Iphone, Ipad Consulting companies. These companies develop Mobile App for their clients.

We are a mixture of Apple veterans, enterprise software architects, designers, and planners; a talented group of people that together have earned high marks. Our clients are well-known brands and enterprises, technology startups, and agencies.

CodeMorphic designs, builds, and deploys unique and distinctive mobile applications for our clients.

We’re Hunter and Johnson, a boutique iPhone consultancy based in San Francisco who’ve been focused on iPhone apps since May 2008

Abhav is an iphone app development, consulting & marketing company based in Cambridge, MA.

We can help you build a new native application for iPhone or port your existing mobile, web or desktop application to iPhone.Falls Church, VA 22046 USA is a mobile application consultancy and development company that is dedicated to assisting both global business and small to medium users in developing high quality, award-winning applications. New York,Miami,California

John-Henry Barac is an information designer. He is particularly interested in designing applications for iphone, iPad and other multitouch devices, all which offer exciting possibilities as well as challenges for users, publishers and designers alike.

Cross Forward Consulting is a mobile development company based in Herndon, VA.

With many years experience in Mobile industry and a deep understanding of Mac software/iPhone Application development, Beyondsoft Consulting is capable of providing mobile app development consulting services and developing cost-effective and customized application for you, especially which needs to be integrated with mobile backend systems.Cupertino CA,Hazlet NJ,Redmond WA

We help our clients realize the potential of rapidly evolving mobile technologies, from developing a mobile strategy to launching mobile products.Call us at 888-329-9875. We’re here 9 am to 6 pm EST Monday-Friday. If you call us off hours, we’ll get right back to you the next day.

Double Encore, Inc. offers iPhone consulting and development services to help our clients differentiate on the App Store through a holistic, inspired approach called Start to Market. Denver, Colorado 80210 +1 303 495 3344

Hawk Ridge Consulting creates family-friendly iPhone and iPod touch apps that encourage creativity and fun. We love our iPhones and so do our children.

Mantra’s iPhone application development team has an excellent combination of technical skills, experience and creativity for custom iPhone application development. From initial design through iPhone development and application launch in the app store, we will work with you closely in every step of iPhone application development process. New Jersey +1-908-450-7878

Alcomi is an independent iPhone and PSP game development company located in Ukraine, Crimea.Ukraine, Simferopol,+380652 707 887

Here at BusinessproDesigns, we boast of an enviable league of creative and innovative professional iPhone developers who can design any type of iPhone compatible application to suit your requirements USA,Australia,UK,Canada,Newzealand,Ireland,India is geared towards offering custom iPhone and iPad application development and consulting services adding value to the businesses of our clients-partners based across US, UK, Australia, Canada, all across the world

Clever Coding is available for hire to develop iPhone Apps. We can take your iPhone app idea and turn it into a reality.

Novasa's core activity is contracted mobile application and game development for iPhone, iPad, Android and JavaME. With a relentless focus on quality and design, our mission is to have the happiest and most successful customers in the world.

Get 3 Free Quotes from experienced U.S. Based iPhone Application Developers

myfirstmobileapp is geared towards offering custom iPhone and iPad application development and consulting services adding value to the businesses of our clients-partners based across US, UK, Australia, Canada, all across the world

Welcome to Appiction, the leaders in Apple iPhone software development. Our application development philosophy is simple: We produce stellar and innovative iPhone software development for apps which are designed to enhance the user experience, engage your customers and build your mobile brand.

Social Jitney has developed hundreds of successful iPhone apps for our clients and partners. iIPhone development requires specialized training and finesse. As iPhone innovates with each new version of their operating system and hardware, our developers follow with their own innovations.

iFindiPhone is a global directory and valuable resource for businesses looking to find reliable iPhone app developers and application development companies.

Our services include custom applications development for iPhone 3, 3G, 3GS, OS 4, 4G and iPad, for enhancing the interactivity and attractiveness of your hand gadget.

If so your work is done! We will connect you with 3 verified, reference checked, experienced U.S. iPhone app developers based on your specific needs, ensuring you receive the best possible experience. That's right, iPhone application developers hand selected just for you!

We are specialist iPhone and iPad developers based in London. We primarily develop applications for the App store, along with websites that accompany iPhone or iPad projects

mobile cubix focuses on the development of applications that run on mobile platforms such as the iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Make your services accessible through different mobile platforms, like iPhone, Android and Blackberry.


The iPhone App Lab is a team of creative freelancers that have a passion to do one thing... develop iPhone applications. Our skilled team of designers, programmers, and project managers collaborate to deliver the amazing applications.


We provide publishers and media companies with the tools to launch world class apps on iPhone and iPad
With each and every new release of iPhone SDK our iPhone Apps Developer and iphone programmers keep themselves updated and start searching innovative ways and ideas of easy and fast development. You may understand that iPhone apps development is not just follow the instruction given in SDK but it demands a lot up knowledge, skill and foremost some previous experiences
[x]cube LABS is the partner you need for specialty mobile solutions on all major platforms, including Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, BlackBerry, and Android

9atoms Technologies (Added April 11,2011)
9atoms Technologies is a Hyderabad based company providing Mobile Application development solutions.Besides developing our original software products and game applications, we provide customized enterprise mobility solutions.

Zco (Added April 11,2011)
We are an iPhone App Development Company with over twenty years of experience developing enterprise web applications. This experience comes in handy when developing business applications for the iPhone.

DotComInfoway (Added April 11,2011)
Dot Com Infoway is a CMMI Level 3 multi-national information technology company based in India, with offices in Netherlands and the United States. Our company provides you the end to end iPhone app development services. Hire iPhone App Developers who has experienced in developing Xcode, ADHOC, Cocoa Framework based iPhone applications.

Do let me know, if i am missing any other company.

To add your company to this list, put a comment in the post. I will review your service and add to my list. Your request will not be published in the comments.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Worldwide Industry Segment Statistics for year 2007

I compiled the statistics for different industry segments for the year
2007. Mobile phone comes right on top, second only to radio users.

Less than
500 Million users

PDA = 85 million
iPod = 85 Million
Camcorders = 100 million
DVD recorders/ PVR = 100 million.
Gaming consoles = 200 million units (where,second generation consoles(PS2/Xbox) = 150 million )
Digital Camera = 300 million.

500 Million to 1 Billion users

People accessing internet content via a mobile phone today = 750 million
Worldwide registered automobiles = 800 million
Worldwide PCs = 850 million
People accessing internet content via a PC today = 850 million

1 to 2 Billion users

Worldwide Email users = 800 million
Worldwide email accounts = 1.5 Billion
Worldwide Fixed land lines = 1.3 billion
Worldwide TV sets = 1.5 Billion (TV is often shared. Thereach of TV is much beyond the 1.5 billion sets in use.)
Credit card users = 1.4 Billion
Worldwide users of SMS Texting = 1.8 Billion

2 to 4 Billion users

Worldwide mobile phones = 2.7 Billion
Worldwide radio users = 3.2 Billion to 3.8 Billion

Now you do your analysis ...

Mobile phone FAQ's for year 2007

  • The mobile telecoms industry earned 725 Billion dollars last year.(2006)
  • Mobile telecom growth in dollar terms, from 2005 to 2006, was 105 billion dollars.
  • During 2007 the first cross-over from PC to Mobile phones will happen, with more users accessing via phone than PC.
  • Phones are replaced every 18 months (and this is still shrinking)
  • USA has reached 75% penetration for mobile phones
  • The Western European average per capita penetration for mobile phones is already 110%
  • Italy, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Israel have penetration rates at about 140%
  • China adds 6 million phones every month, India adds 7 million phones every month.
  • Finland,
    Norway, Denmark and Portugal - each countries with 120% or more
    penetration rates - Mobilephones are less than 6 million units total.
  • SMS Messaging Is Biggest Data App On Planet
  • E-mail is opened in 24 hours and replied to in 48 hours.
  • SMS is read within 15 minutes on average and responded within 60 minutes.
  • 65% of e-mail is spam, less than 10% of SMS is spam.
  • In South Korea five separate credit card services are available on the three mobile networks
  • In
    South Korea almost 100% of credit card based point-of-purchase sites
    accept payment via mobile phone credit (and charge) cards
  • Two years from launch almost 10% of South Korean phone users watch digital broadcast TV on their phones
  • The Pop Idol formats have earned a windfall of over 700 million dollars out of text messaging votes
  • In 2005 already half of all phones sold were cameraphones so cameraphones outsell digital cameras by more than 4 to 1 .
  • 73% of the population now uses the mobile phone as their portable clock.
  • 2.7 Billion phones in active use. There is a subscription for 40% of the planet's population.
  • Global music industry earns 16% of its revenues from mobile phones (mostly ringing tones);
  • Videogaming earns 14% of its global revenues from mobile.

Get Alerts Via Mobile

4INFO, Inc.,
the leading mobile search service, is providing sports news alert
through YesNetwork. YES Network is the most-watched regional sports
network in the US the past four years. For real-time scoring alerts,

Sports news alerts are specially suitable for mobile users. Because, sports info is most useful, when provided real time.

Another real time alerts category could be stocks.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mozes innovative sms solution

Mozes SMS Soultion

Keyword buying And advertising
Users send a keyword by text message to 66937 (Mozes) and receive whatever message the owner of that keyword has determined. In addition to news updates on any topic, keyword owners can send ringtones and perform polls. Registering your first keyword is free and additional keywords cost $5 per month.

Answering Questions
Users can text any question they have to Mozes and their friends list will be given an opportunity to answer that questions by Google Talk IM

Saving Notes
Users can send notes to themselves by entering ".n" before any note they want to store in their Mozes account online. (.n nice hair, singer guy.)

Saving MySpace profiles
Links to MySpace and Facebook user profiles can be saved by sending the social network's name followed by the username.

Saving Book names
Amazon affiliate links to books can be saved in you Mozes account by texting "book" and the ISBN number.  

Top 5 problems faced by mobile video startups

In my view, these are the top 5 problems faced by mobile video startups.

1) No ease of viewing video on small screens
2) The tech not worth enough to justify the data charges,subscriptions charges and premium content charges
3) Battery getting drained quickly by using mobile as entertainment device
4) Not enough bandwidth available on cellur networks for streaming and downloading video content
5) Mobile handsets supporting streaming video display are priced high.

And startups in this domain are positioned by what problem they are solving.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mobile Companies for this Week

Companies added to my Mobile company list this week.

Voice search

Web based SMS texting/Communication

Mobile Maps service

Group messaging for college campus


Chinese mobile search provider

Voice to text, sms tool

scan, copy, fax ussing mobile phone camera.

SMS Blogging
post and receive notices of events that are going on at your favorite local venues

See the full list here