Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mozes innovative sms solution

Mozes SMS Soultion

Keyword buying And advertising
Users send a keyword by text message to 66937 (Mozes) and receive whatever message the owner of that keyword has determined. In addition to news updates on any topic, keyword owners can send ringtones and perform polls. Registering your first keyword is free and additional keywords cost $5 per month.

Answering Questions
Users can text any question they have to Mozes and their friends list will be given an opportunity to answer that questions by Google Talk IM

Saving Notes
Users can send notes to themselves by entering ".n" before any note they want to store in their Mozes account online. (.n nice hair, singer guy.)

Saving MySpace profiles
Links to MySpace and Facebook user profiles can be saved by sending the social network's name followed by the username.

Saving Book names
Amazon affiliate links to books can be saved in you Mozes account by texting "book" and the ISBN number.  

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