Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cheap mobile phones are not the Future.

It easy to read the market and predict that, cheap mobile phones are the future.
"The demand for cell phones has never been higher, thanks to the demand for voice and text message services in emerging economies around the world. India, China, Brazil, and Africa – everywhere you look, citizens are clamoring to talk on their mobiles. They don't want expensive $500 iPhones – they want a handset that is good for SMS, voice, and maybe a few other basic features."
I beg to disagree.
The mobile phones are getting cheaper, because there are not much services available. In past 7-8 years, what innovative service have mobile phone vendors provided?
SMS/Alerts/ and of course talk. There is nothing else happening. And that's where the consumer says, "My $300 phone use is pretty much same as $100 phone. Then why don't buy the $100 phone "
That's the reason iPhone success is so important to this industry. In one stroke, they have given features, which will make consumers pay that extra. But in my view, its not the iPhone, but a open standard phone (allows third party applications), with features similiar to iphone, which will push the market. And ofcourse, how to fit the service providers into this is the OPEN PROBLEM.
Mark my words. This market, haven't started yet !

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