Thursday, January 25, 2007

Zyb, the Mobile back up service grows big

ZYB is a mobile service that creates a backup of your contacts and calendar. You can share your contacts and calendar with your friends, family, sports club etc. and manage your mobile

To use this service you need to have either GPRS or WAP service.

In just six months since launching in June 2006, the company's user base has risen from zero users to 70,000 users using the free online mobile data backup service to "ZYB their mobile" and safeguard valuable mobile data.

Back up of mobile data is a concept, still in nascent stage.
But experience says, memory will keep getting cheaper and so will backup service work ?


  1. I have just found this new site called Mobyko ( Mobyko enables you to save all your mobile numbers online. It also enables you to store and share your mobile texts, photos and videos. I have tried it, it's cool and it works... best of all it is free!

  2. mobyko seems not operational currently. It says " we are currently updating our site, come back soon". Would love to hear, what services it provides and what are the features.