Thursday, January 25, 2007

MobileSearching, the 411sync way

Using 411sync u can mobile search

1) using SMS (Text Message). Send SMS search queries to 415-676-8397
2) using Email. Send Email search queries to
3) using WAP. See 411Sync Mobile Web Search
4) using Toolbar. See below on details of installing 411Sync Mobile Search in your toolbar

Some other features include,

Configure SMS Reminders and Alerts and have updates sent to you automatically
Create SMS Shortcuts and get instant search results without typing anything in the SMS body. Share the shortcuts with other users.

The service comes free of cost.

The most nifty feature of the service is Keyword browsing
Create keywords while browsing and then use this keywords for incredibly fast browsing.
" When you view websites on your cell phone it can tedious to get to the section you want even if you have Blackberry, Sidekick or any other Smartphone. You will simply spend a lot of time scrolling up and down. You want to get to your content fast in just one single click. Use the Clip & Mobilize bookmark/favorite tool to highlight a section of a page and create a keyword that you want to access from the cell phone. Use the keyword from the cell phone to get the data in one click. No more XML feeds needed. Go to any website and start clipping the sections that you would like to carry on your cell phones."
Wow !

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