Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Advertising inside mobile content

Many Mobile Startups are geared towards the problem  "How to insert Advertisement inside mobile content"

Adinfuse Inserts ads dynamically when the content is actually delivered to the end user.
Interestingly, Ad Infuse has a podcast advertising product, Pod Infuse. There are early signs that Podcasting may be a big thing through mobile. Adinfuse is positioning itself as a early mover in this space.

Google recently they bought Adscape Media, a company located in San Francisco which has developed ways for advertisers to show fresh and changeable (dynamic) advertisements within video games which can be shown without interrupting gameplay.

The company holds number of patents in this area (pertaining) to gaming. But google with leverage these for video content on mobile platform..

One of particular interest to google would be,
Method and system for providing location specific advertising content within mobile platforms

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