Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Mobile Search Patents on Feb 08, 2007

Location-based vehicle messaging system
Company: Intel
"A system may enable vehicle operators to request information automatically along the route of travel by transmitting information requests, tied to the vehicle's current position, to a server. The server may store a plurality of informational files associated with particular global positioning system coordinates. Upon receipt of a request, the files associated with a particular position may be located and transmitted to the vehicle. The files may be stored as audio files so the user may listen to the files without being distracted while driving the vehicle."

Method and apparatus to improve accuracy of mobile speech-enabled services
Company: Intel
A speech recognition system includes a user profile to store acoustic data and a corresponding text transcript. A speech recognition ("SR") server downloads the acoustic data and the corresponding text transcript that are stored in the user profile. A speech recognition engine is included to adapt an acoustic model based on the acoustic data.

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