Wednesday, February 7, 2007

All Mobile Application Companies on one pages

Here is the list of companies operating in the mobile scene.

2010 : List of all Iphone App Development / Consulting companies

Communicate category

3jam - One to many texting
Crickee - Send & receive sms for free
Eqo - Call, text & IM your buddies on your mobile
Gizmo - Call Gizmo friends for free, or pay low rates
Grandcentral* - Get 1 phone number for all your calls
Jumpclaimer - Inform your relatives about your whereabouts thru sms
Hotxt - Skype for sms
Iotum - Sorts & processes calls on relevance
Iskoot - Call people on your online buddylists
Mixd - Text & send pix & vids to groups of friends
Mozeo - Text cast to & chat with your own group on your cell
Nimbuzz~ - Free mobile community calls, chats, IM
Pheeder - Alert all your friends with 1 phone call
Twttr - Share where you are thru your cell phone
Txtmob - Share sms messages with your friends
Juvino - Reroute your mobile calls and texting
Mabber - Mobile messenger
Soonr - Mobile2web & v.v.
Spinvox - From voice to text to Mobile or email
Tapgad - Get & reply to email thru sms
Teleflip - PC2Text – Communicate
Textmarks - Customize your own sms info service
Vicito - Group text service
Youmail - Record unique voice mail recordings for anyone that calls you
Zemble , collaborate & connect thru group text
Zlango - Icon language for sms

Office category

Bitbomb - Web2SMSs reminders
Planzo - Arrange meetings & events online & thru sms
Posticky - Place, access & share notes (also mobile)
Rminder - Text2phone reminder service

Audio category

Cingularmusicid - Have music recognized thru your cell
Enablr - Transcribe podcasts, Text2Snailmail
Melodeo - Listen to, share, discuss & create podcast playlists, on your cell
Pocketfuzz - Create & sell your own ringtones
Shazam - Have music recognized thru your cell
Snapvine - Send audio files to & communicate with your friends, on your cell

Images category
Clicktoscan - Scan, store & share documents with your phone camera
Photocrank - Add graphics & caption to your cell cam photos & share them
Sharpcast - Synchronize all photos online & mobile
Waymarkr - Turn your mobile into a life phlogging wearable

Community category
Dodgeball - Hook in with your mobile & meet friends
Gearon - Social mobilenetwork around your cellphone's contacts
Invitika - Organize, report & share events thru your cell
Jaiku - Social phone directory showing where you are (Nokia S60 2nd ed.)
Jyve - Find, meet & interact with Skype users
Mozes - Share information & people thru your mobile
Mygamma - mobile community
Partysync - Meet & sms people
Playtxt - Socialize, flirt thru sms
Rabble - Create it & share it mobile
Saki - mobile community
Zingku - Text2website content sharing

Software category

Clicmobile - Mobile social software
Splashdata - Mobile tools for media, payments, shopping
Swarmteams - Solutions to set up & manage mobile One2- or Many2Many community communications
Tapuxmobile - Mobile fun & community content & apps
Widsets - Create widgets to get web2phone

Ecommerce category

Dsimobile - Start an mvno network
Moblee - Opt in to offers direct to your mobile
Mobsaver - Price comparison thru your cell
Tictap - Price comparison for mobile

Multimedia category

Kaywa - Publish & share multimedia on web & cell (Stealth)
Mobango - Discover & share mobile media
Mophone - Store & share mobile content
Mynumo - Create, share or sell mobile content
Pixpulse - Upload & share photos and videos on your mobile
Shozu - Upload & share photos, videos & text on your mobile
Treemo - Post, manage & share media online & mobile
Umundo - Upload & share mobile videos and pix
Winksite - Create & share mobile content
zannel - Mobile video sharing
mojungle - Mobile video picture sharing
juicecaster - Mobile video sharing

Publish category

Glue - Publish & share your website's content on mobile devices
Linknsurf - Track & share blogs on your mobile – Publish
Supcast - Publish your media online thru your cell
Wikipediamobile - Wap version of Wikipedia (by Sevenval)
Textamerica - mobile blog
Xanco~ - mobile phlog & vlog

Video category
Mobitv - Get tv & radio on your cell & laptop

Watchmedoing - Upload & share mobile videos

Portal category

Mobileglu - Web services to your mobile
Pushy*~ - Personal portal; also mobile
Plusmo - Fast, customizable way to get the web on your phone
Tiggdo - Personal mobile portal

Bookmark category

Mobilicious - mobile social bookmarking
Stufflinker - mobile and web bookmarking

Game category
Mobspray* - Create & share graffiti in places thru mobile2RFID -

Knowledge category
Mozesmob - mobile Q&A

News category
On2go - News & alerts on your mobile

Date category
Meetmoi - mobile dating

Identity category
Smartpox - Sema-encode & share URLs, phone numbers & email addresses .

Collaborate category
Socialight - Share pictures & notes with your cell phone

Micropayments category
Textpayme - mobileP2P micropayments

Search category
V-enable - mobile speech search

RSS category
Zaptxt - RSS to email, sms, messenger

Data Storages category
Zyb - Store, manage & share your cell's data
- Post & get matches for classified ads thru cell & email
- Store cell contacts


I will keep updating this list, on this page.


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